• Details :

The project is located on the road between the famous Bahshi area and Avgilar
Overlooking Lake Lesser Istanbul and the Sea of Marmara
It covers an area of 69,000 square meters with 27 towers on only 7 floors
Features apartments
1 + 0
1 + 1
2 + 1
3.5 + 1
4.5 + 1
The project also features a field that includes all the famous international and local restaurants
The most beautiful features of the project
The Metroh station is located on its main door and all public transport passes through it
In addition to the mediation of two universities
University of Astinia Hospital in the famous Bahsheh and University of Avgilar largest universities in the European section
In the vicinity of the project we have several shopping centers, the most important
The famous Ak Patti shopping center
Shopping Center
Marmara Park Shopping Center
And Carrefour Shopping Center
Features within the project
65% of the project green spaces
Summer and winter surveyor
1000 square gym
Turkish bath
Outdoor playgrounds
Theater Hall
Handicraft Hall
24/7 protection
Great terraces on the roofs of buildings
Investment return up to 45%
Specifications of apartments with price:
1 + 0 Studio space starts from 41 to 44 square meters and the price starts from 198 000Turkish lira to 263000 Turkish lira.
1 + 1 The area starts from 63 to 99 square meters and the price starts from 294 000 Turkish lira to 485 000 Turkish lira.
2 + 1 The area starts from 100 to 134 square meters and the price starts from 452 000 Turkish lira to 761000 Turkish lira
3.5 + 1 The area starts from 175 to 204 square meters and the price starts from 773000 Turkish lira to 936000 Turkish lira
4.5 + 1 The area starts from 225 to 228 square meters at a price starting from TRY 976,000 to TRY 1121,000