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The project is located in the heart of the new business district in Istanbul on the Passan Express road with several exits to the TEM and E5 roads as well as the planned metro station.
This project is just 4 km from the Sultan Yavoz Selim Bridge and the access road to the third airport of Istanbul and close to the exhibition, offices and corporate headquarters.
This means that this project puts you at the heart of the event
This project provides you with an unprecedented smart home
Providing all the privileges for an upscale living, with a smart home system within each home will insure you three things:
You can control the home from a distance by monitoring and opening and closing the electricity in the house to open and close the doors and you can watch the guests on the video from the time they enter the entrance to the building until they reach you and the system provides you with alarms when you work alarms you can shut down water and electricity automatically remotely.
A cost-saving automated system and energy-efficient home appliances are available with energy-efficient lighting.
On the way back from the holiday you can heat or cool the house according to the temperature you want.
Where you are, ask for the elevator in advance to your floor where your guests do not expect a long time to go.
Each apartment has additional storage space to store your property safely.
You can place a video call between the apartments and follow the management team announcements.
This project is a clever masterpiece
I have always hoped that your living room would be great or you would have dreamed of an open kitchen that could be hidden when needed
In this project we assure you so where you can open the kitchen and expand the living room or combine the bedroom and living room or even turn your bedroom into a meeting room.
Project area: 76800 square meters
Buildings: 3
Units: 888
Models of apartments with price:
0 + 1 The area starts from 39 sqm to 40 sqm with prices from 385000 TL to 408000 Turkish Lira.
1 + 1 The area starts from 71 square meters to 75 square meters at prices from SYP 592,000 to TRY 685,000.
2 + 1 The area starts from 84 square meters to 103 square meters at prices from 541000 Turkish lira to 647000 Turkish lira.
3 + 1 The area starts from 116 square meters to 132 square meters at a price of 741000 Turkish lira to 765000 Turkish lira.
Delivery of project 3/2019
Installment payment method: 25% first payment and the rest 48 months